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DIY Macrame Centerpieces and Wildflowers at Spring Colley Hill Farms Wedding | Dandridge, TN

May 10, 2021

Alexis + Chris | Married at Colley Hill Farms – Dandridge, Tennessee

DIY Macrame centerpieces, vibrant bouquet with wildflowers, and floral bridal clogs?! I don’t know if Saturday could have been any more colorful and joyful. This was my first wedding at Colley Hill Farms in Dandridge, Tennessee. I had no idea that just about 30 minutes from my house in Knoxville was a cute little farm with a stunning view of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Alexis and I went to college together several years ago (I am going to stop telling people when I went to college, because now it’s approaching 10 years since I was a freshman… no bueno) so it was extra special to be able to capture her wedding day. There is something really endearing about watching a friend get married when you have sat on a dorm room floor (often times, emotional), talking about your future partner and how it seems unattainable or too far off in the future.

When Alexis told Chris in her vows about how she had fallen in love with her life by herself before he came into the picture, I got emotional because I watched Alexis fall in love with herself in such a beautiful way. She was truly happy with a life she had built – she didn’t need Chris and Chris didn’t need her. Instead, it was so much more beautiful. They chose one another. They wanted one another. They encourage each other to be the best versions of each other. Your love is absolutely beautiful, you two.

So with the breathtaking view of the mountains behind them, they committed their lives to one another. A life together committed to sacrifice, unconditional love and patience, and partnership. Everyone wiped away tears at several points during the ceremony, vows, and other points during the day because everything was truly so genuine and beautiful.

Alexis and Chris, thank you for allowing me to capture your joyful love for one another. I was beyond honored to spend the day with you guys. Hope you’re living it up on the beach. 😉