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Cozy Engagement Session inside of antique WWII Train Car

February 8, 2021

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When Kara asked if I could photograph their engagement session, I would have never guessed that we would have been doing a session inside of a renovated train car. At the base of the Smoky Mountains, right outside of Knoxville, this gem is nestled on a private property in Maryville, Tennessee.

This vintage green colored modern industrial airbnb (that looks as if Joanna Gaines walked in and waved her magic wand) used to be as a WWII troop kitchen car in the early 1940s. Platform 1346 was created to be the coziest Airbnb and I am DEFINITELY going to book a night to go camp out in.

I am excited to have discovered this unique place to capture the coziest engagement session with Kara and Drew. Also, make sure you scroll to the bottom for the furriest 3rd wheel ever. 😉