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Crisp and Golden Fall Session at Fells Point | Baltimore, Maryland

December 4, 2020

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Probably one of the highest honors is for a family member, close friend, or other photographers asking you to photograph a special event for them. When my sweet cousin, Natalie, asked me to take her photos in Baltimore, I was HERE for it.

Baltimore, Maryland holds a very special place in my heart. My parents lived there before they had me and most of my Dad’s family still lives there. It was one of my favorite places in the entire world to visit as a kid. I remember walking down my Uncle’s old historic neighborhood in the fall, crunching on leaves, and admiring all of the beautifully restored historic homes on his street.

I remember eating fresh crabs from the harbor covered in Old Bay seasoning out on the deck in the summer. I always loved to go down and see the boats in the bay while eating ice-cream alongside my cousins.

So now as an adult, every time I have an opportunity to photograph in Baltimore, I am always trying to integrate the charm and historic feel that it brings. That’s why when Natalie and I were discussing locations, I found a photo of Fells Point and fell in love. It has the historic cobble stone roads, beautiful brick, colorful restored homes, and the gorgeous harbor as the background.

I obviously love any opportunity to photograph my beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee seniors, but it was really fun to venture to Fells Point and do something a little different.