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Dreamy Northern California Wedding Captured on Film

October 12, 2020

Filed in: Wedding

I am completely going out of my comfort zone on this blog. I did not include a single digital image in this entire post. Yup. This entire thing is film. I fell in love with 35mm about 2 years ago and I have just been playing around with it since. When I was asked to photograph this wedding, I knew I had to bring film. I went to our local photography shop in Knoxville, Tennessee and stocked up for California.

Hunter and Lexi got married right before COVID really hit. Leah (my right hand man, best second shooter ever, best snack provider… etc) and I pretty much made the decision to fly to California the NIGHT before. Looking back, I am so grateful we did. We, not knowing hardly ANYTHING that was going on with COVID, were so safe and took so many safety precautions. We were able to rent a red convertible and drive up Highway One, along the coast. We saw the Redwoods, ate bread and drank stouts on the side of the cliff, and most importantly were able to capture Lexey and Hunter.

(Precious Leah and the most GORGEOUS sunset I have ever seen)

Lexey and Hunter are truly some of the most gracious, hospitable, and kind people I have met. If Grace and Humility were a person, it would be Lexey. If Courage and Strength were a person, it would be Hunter. It was absolutely incredible to be a part of this sacred, beautiful wedding.