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New York City Lifestyle Engagement Session | Carly and Brent

October 2, 2018

Somehow these two people who were MADE FOR EACH OTHER met in the largest city in the US. Brent and Carly are goofy, witty, and just well rounded people. I don’t think I have met two people so comfortable around each other — finishing each other’s sentences and thoughts, but more importantly, knowing the other person’s food order whenever we ate anywhere.

I flew to NYC to photograph their engagement session, but it was a little different than my normal engagement sessions. Carly and Brent eloped a few months prior to their session with me,  but they were having a formal ceremony and reception in Ohio after they had eloped. I absolutely love how nontraditional their entire love story is.

So, to continue… my assistant, Katie and I flew to NYC and spent the weekend with Carly and Brent. We ate sandwiches at the deli under their apartment, bagels the next morning (BEST bagel I have ever had in my life– with fresh strawberry cream cheese..), PLUS delicious pizza and beer. It was my first time in New York, so I was completely amazed at pretty much everything. There is a completely different energy than little ol’ Knoxville, Tennessee… and people nod or wave when they pass you on the street. 😉

I am so excited to finally share this amazing session with all of you, because it truly captures how much fun they are to be around!