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Intimate DIY Summer Camp Wedding | Mackville, Kentucky

July 23, 2018

Even though I met Eve in Knoxville, TN, we traveled to her childhood camp in Mackville, KY ground to marry her off to Korey Brand.

A little back story– I met Eve during my freshman year of college. We quickly became great friends and the rest is history. She lived with Aaron and I for a year after we all graduated in 2015, and that was around the time we had the pleasure of meeting this Korey guy.

As soon as we met Korey (and saw him interact with Eve… cough cough.. laugh at her ridiculous sense of humor), Aaron and I both looked at each other and without any words said, “YUP– HE’S IT”. It was incredible to watch their love grow for each other and to watch first hand Eve fall more in love with Korey.

Throughout college, Eve and I had many discussions about her future husband and what he would be like. It was awesome to come full circle and watch her actually meet and fall in love with Korey.

I wish everyone could watch these two interact with each other. Eve claims that they are awkward, but I disagree. They are SO similar and they just absolutely crack each other up. They act as if they grew up together and they have thousands of inside jokes because of it. They just totally get each other.

So on May 26th, Eve and Korey had an intimate wedding at Camp Calvary in Mackville, KY. I thought it was hilarious when I arrived to the camp, Korey was playing 9 square with his groomsmen and his friends… waiting for the time to start getting ready. Eve’s bridal details were bright, colorful, and unique. She was giddy and excited to finally see Korey that it was just radiating off of her.

The camp provided so many beautiful locations for the first look, outdoor ceremony, and reception! Everything was in the same location, so everyone just walked from one event to the next. Thankfully rain completely avoided the entire area, so it made for a gorgeous day!



Eve and Korey, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding day. I love you both.