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Savannah Georgia Destination Engagement Session | Wilson and Katie

June 6, 2018

Savannah is a special place for Wilson and Katie. Wilson grew up in the beautiful city and Katie loves it because: 1). It’s where Wilson grew up ( 😉 ) and 2). IT IS GORGEOUS.

When they suggested doing a destination engagement session, as soon as they said Savannah, I said HECK YES! I shot a wedding in Savannah last summer and while we were not able to go downtown, I absolutely fell in love with the area. The greens are so bright and the trees are insanely stunning. Every detail and piece of history is magnificent. There really is not an ugly place to photograph in the city!

We started at the Wormsloe Historic Site– known for its beautiful trails and draping trees. We barely made it through the entrance gate before I started jumping up and down in my seat. If you’ve never been to Savannah, GO. Make this your first stop, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Then we headed to Forsyth Park, another iconic Savannah location, for a cute picnic lunch. There was an arts festival going on that day from Savannah College of Art and Design, so we sat and listened to some awesome music and saw some amazing chalk art as we walked through the park.

We then headed over to River Street and took some time to just walk around and explore. First of all, they have a shop that makes amazing candy- River Street Sweets. Shamefully admitting, this one of my favorite parts of the day. THEY THREW FREE FRESH SALT WATER TAFFY AT YOU. I mean, come on! It was so delicious and had such a happy environment. Ok…. now my mouth is watering and I need to get back to writing about the actual engagement session.

We finished the evening at Tybee Island. This was the part of the day that I was most excited for. 1). I love the beach. It doesn’t matter where. I love the water, the energy, the sand in between my toes… all of it. 2). There was driftwood all along the coast! One of my favorite things! It was a perfect day to end the day, also. We all three took off our shoes and just walked along the beach until the sun went down completely. It was relaxed and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. I already want to go back!

I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding this November at Dara’s Garden! These two are beams of light and love… I am so excited to photograph them in a few months. 🙂