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Parker and Melissa | Engagement | Old City Knoxville, Tennessee

February 18, 2017

Filed in: Engagement

I am so excited to share these images on the blog tonight! I have mentioned SEVERAL times how grateful I am for my 2017 brides and grooms. These two are some of the most genuine human beings I have ever met. As a wedding photographer, I am invited to participate in such a beautiful part of their day, but I think that it goes much deeper than that. It hit me how lucky I am to participate in the beginning stages of their marriage commitment to one another.

Not only did I love this session, but I really loved the conversation that happened after our session. We talked about how beautiful marriage is and how excited these two are for marriage! Being each other’s best friend and spending the rest of their lives together. I am overwhelmed and often taken aback that I am able to share in these moments with such amazing people.

Check it out!